Monday, March 02, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Review

Hey hey! So I've never done a review before, but I recently ordered some Lippie Stix from ColourPop and I love 'em so I thought I'd post about them here! (me & augusta were wearing these colours in my last post)

I heard about ColourPop through a tumblr post on my dashboard, and I've been looking for colourful lipsticks for sooo long. I bought them the same day because when I saw that they were only $5 each I was like, duh. I ordered two colours, Leather (matte dark purple) and Bunny (shimmery dark green)
They come in a shiny white tube with holographic text on the side, with a coloured end according to the product.
You can also purchase matching lipliners for each and every lipstick, but I skipped that b/c I'm cheap as heck. (also please ignore my awful lipstick application skills)
{left//leather, right//bunny}
Bunny is a medusa green shimmery colour that applies very opaquely. You do have to build up the colour a bit, but I find that I have to apply a couple layers of most lipsticks anyway so whatevs. It's a really nice dark green that's actually surprisingly flattering.
Leather is a straight up plum purple, it's very matte and spreads very nicely. The texture is very smooth to apply and the colour lasts very well. It's a nice alternate to the garnet lip-colour that was really popular in the fall, sort of a more spring/summer twist perhaps? I like it a lot.


Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the lip colours. I like them a lot and had a hard time finding affordable colourful lipsticks so I thought I'd share them with ya! Just a note for Canadian buyers such as myself: shipping to Canada is decent, but the exchange rate is garbage right now, and all prices are in USD. Maybe hold off until the dollar goes up again? We ended up spending $10 extra than we had anticipated.

anyway yep! definitely recommend!
(this post was not in any way sponsored, the views expressed are my own opinions etc etc!)


  1. omg these are both cute as heck! they look great with your outfit but did they wear off soon after or can they survive eatting/ drinking and stuff? :)

  2. Really cool colours! I have a couple of friends who are OBSESSED with this brand and I've heard really good things about it too. Sucks that shipping is so expensive to where I live. But definitely want to get some of their stuff seeing as everyone is raving!

  3. Those colors are so cool and they look amazing on you! I adore unique shades of lipstick.