Sunday, January 04, 2015

later homie (aka 2014) ✌

a summary of 2014 using some whack pictures of myself that remind me of some pretty fine times.
(also the evolution of my hair)
Friend Birthday! ! !
 value village rat w/ augusta
 had a wild folk festival weekend, ending with playing a secret show with the burning hell (where we wore each others shirts RIP)
went on a god damn tour with these doofs

some major events of 2014!!
  • turned a sweet, sweet 16
  • saw and met the orwells
  • recorded and released an album through an amazing program at the local campus radio station
  • finished gr. 10 and became a chemistry nerd
  • made some sweet friends
  • went to ottawa bluesfest and touched st. vincent's arm, and met young rival and gave them a cd!
  • had a great season competing in highland dancing (only 3 competitions, but I placed really well in all of them!)
  • went to america! washington DC holla
  • got my learner's permit drivers license (beware)
  • took train trips to toronto with my friends to see Boyhood and 2001: A Space Odyssey at TIFF
  • my band was named the emerging artist of the peterborough folk festival! the festival was probably the best weekend of my life, we opened for the constantines, recorded a session for pinball/exclaim!, played at the festival, played an insane show at the garnet (that all my favourite people were at), and played a secret show with the burning hell! 
  • we got a whole ton of other out of town shows from this weekend, including the bloor ossington folk festival, amazing shows in Guelph and Hamilton, we opened for Sheezer at Lee's Palace, and played an absolutely amazing set at Long Winter in Toronto (where they're put out a 7" inch with our song she can wait on it!)
  • dropped outta school, and started online school
  • went on and east coast tour with beef boys (yaaaa)
  • got an irl job at Michaels! (and therefor money to develop film! and buy records! and clothing!)

that was my 2014.... here are some goals for 2015! (some people could call these new years resolutions)
  • own a crop top
  • finish high school (or at least most of my online courses)
  • go on tour again! play many out of town shows! put out many more musics write many more songs! get in to cool festivals! band goals yay!
  • write a zine
  • have something published on rookie
  • keep a job (haha)
  • get my full drivers license
  • make a short film with friends
  • be fit as hEll (duh this is on everyone's new years resolutions)
  • buy a computer and a danelectro guitar and try some diy self-recording

I think that's about it! sorry for the mega dense lists haha, twas a wild year. I hope this year is even wilder. yay.


  1. there's been a lot of 2014/ 2015 blog posts floating around but I think I liked yours the best since it wasnt just regurgitated material and old photos. Here's to starting out this year on the right foot!

    1. ahh thanks so much adele! you're so sweet, best wishes for 2015 to you too! :)

  2. your 2014 sounded incredible! best of luck for the new year x