Wednesday, December 17, 2014

RIP, past

I don't really know what goes on in the blog world any more! And yet here I am, posting again. I feel like a weird obligation to post things that go on in my life. I don't want people to think I'm dead.

Recently I binge-read a bunch of blogs I worshipped a few years ago (in my blogging prime you could say, ha-ha) and I got this huuuuge surge to document everything I did again. I'm super into the idea of having a solid documentation of all the weird phases I go through (including blogging bahaha), and not just a tumblr. I totally dig producing my own stuff, I wanna write a zine, take a million pictures on expired disposable, record shitty garage songs in a basement, make super bootleg patches of my favourite bands. DIY, bitches.

I used to be super into the whole gain a billion followers, be successful lalalala but it's just like??? now I feel like I'm actually just blogging for me. I don't need anybody's approval and I don't need a billion people to love me. This is kind of a public diary? cool. (hi mom)

Recently (ok October but shhh) my band went on a TOUR and it was basically the end/beginning of my LYFE. I feel like a changed person and all that jazz. Aside from all that is was a whole buttload of fun. I made some sweet friends I probably wouldn't have otherwise been so close with... (they are adults who can drive cars lololol i luv being 16) but also super rad folks... friendship :D

Other than that, I dropped out of school (yolo) and I'm doing online courses. They kinda suck but I get so much more sleep, more time for band things (over the course of tour I became a member of this band #dreamzcometrue), my job (I work at michaels arts and crafts holla) art things, etc etc life's just generally better. I kinda sorta majorly regret this decision in many senses (consistently deteriorating social life) (feeling of failure?? success??) (way too happy???) but it's the choice I made so whateva. I may go back second semester of gr. 12 but until then here's a documentation of the homeschooled life. Enjoy! Spread the word and stuff! FUcK SHCOol am i righT

SO here's my bi-annual re introduction to the blog world. Peace.

(stalk me on instagram now too!! wheres_captain_kirk)

(listened to this album on the girl van on tour on REPEAT. basically my favourite band rn. saw them in halifax for one song and met their bass player in toronto on friday)


  1. So excited to see you blogging again! I love the idea of the garage music and making your own zine and bootleg patches. I feel like stuff with rough edges (idk what else to call it???) is always much more fun! Also, you're only 16?!? I legit thought you were older than that???

    1. ahaha so many people have a heart attack when I tell them I'm 16, especially at shows when they're like "oh you look so young, how old are you?" ;) aww thanks yr the sweetest babe on the planet :D

  2. Really cool to see you blogging again! I also took a few months away from blogging and now i totally feel like getting back into it again. I also really respect your decision to drop out of school, it's so rad that u are in control of ur own life and know what is best for you! Good luck for your band also !