Saturday, December 20, 2014


hamilton nativity scene feat. lonely parade
candice & ani on the free carousel of dreams
merry go round augusta!!!

I'm in such a stupid holiday mood right now. I work at michaels arts n crafts, so the soundtrack to my life is "santa baby" and "the 12 days of christmas", and I am becoming a glitter creature. There's so much christmas but I'm having a weird time synchronizing with the holiday spirit?

I watched Pee Wee Herman's Christmas Special last night (it's on netflix, go watch it, it will make your day) and it was absolutely wild! I'm totally christmas vibin off of it. It's like christmas on acid.
 pee wee herman & little richard. what a rad snowsuit omg (source)
Miss Yvonne is the embodiment of christmas??? (source)
pee wee made frankie avalon and annette funicello make all his christmas cards with potato lino prints and screen printing (source)
also cher was in the special ahaha. look at the playhouse decorations though #goals (source)
what a stupidly amazing intro

So anyway I've been kinda unexcited about christmas in a weird way... like I've been super excited about seeing people and presents and christmas trees and all that stuff. Maybe I'm just getting older (probably?) but also christmas has been almost stressful? like being stressed about buying people presents and stuff and having things read for christmas day on the nose, y'know? wild.

anyway hopefully I'll cheer up this week, I finished my first course online (English, holla) minus the exam, but it's so nice to have that off my chest. I just wrote like 5 essays this week haha.

happy season and stuff!


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  2. The Pee Wee xmas special is literally the best thing ever!!!

  3. hope you have a faaaab Christmas! I love the pictures <3 <3 xo