Monday, April 21, 2014

420 glaze it

jacket // old navy + diy
skirt // stolen
sweater // joe fresh
tights // ardènes
scarf // grandma hand me down
shoes // converse
bag // thrifted
my mum's childhood brownie patches (!!!)
 hand screened patch by moi
My mum and her friend have started a cute lil vintage trailer! They're called Oh, Elinore and they had their first show a couple of weekends ago at the Annex Flea Market. Anyway, their trailer is sitting in the driveway of my house and so I thought I'd take some photos with it! (facebook-blog-twitter)

The weather has been so lovely lately, I'm so excited to be able to wear spring clothes, tights, jackets, skirts, ahh it's great!
I went to my grandparent's for easter dinner, and I raided my grandma's old dressup box. I found an amazing dress with a similar pattern to these amazing shorts that cost a fortune, and a cute little red case.
I got to see my cousins, too, which was a lot of fun, and since my grandparents have returned from their vacation in florida, they've started calling me greenie, haha :)
then, after dinner my parents drove me to my pal Ryan's house and I hung out with a bunch of my friends! We didn't get too much sleep, but it's a long weekend so that's ok. We went on a morning adventure through some fields and a forest, and took some pictures. Friends are fun.

I've been listening to the clash a lot lately, London Calling is a gorgeous album. The first side of the album is pure british gold, I've been listening to it on repeat, and this song is probably my favourite right now :)

Happy Easter! did you praise it, or blaze it? (OR GLAZE IT????)


  1. my choir used to sing london calling and it was so fun haha (i'm pretty sure we didn't murder it - i hope not anyway) and your hair is the bomb. xx

    1. that sounds like a punk rock choir, that's so awesome!! :) thank you so much!

  2. that place looks awesome! also i love your jacket and the bike patch <3

    weirdoland -

  3. The Clash! Yesssssss! love your patches on your jacket <3

  4. love the outfit pics you took in front of that caravan

  5. Your hair so rad, but also your jacket and the patches and everything is freaking awesome. These pictures are great.

  6. Gosh you and your mum's store are so adorable!! V jealous of your red coat rn, it's darling :)