Monday, March 31, 2014

save me, barry!

roller skates// thrifted
blazer// thrifted
hoodie// some shit store
t-shirt// thrifted
pants// ???
hat// thrifted
sunglasses// gift

Sunday was actually warm enough to go outside without dying! it was awesome. I rollerskated for the first time on my new skates that I got at Value Village ($10!) this past winter. It was kinda crappy because there was gross sand everywhere (from melting the ice), but at least I got outside. I wore this jacket/sweater deal today and it was absolutely perfect. I skipped french (sorry mum) and we went to this crappy diner and I feel like them maybe almost recognize us there now. Anyway, the weather was warm and good.

Hey also look at my cool friend Jemma's Etsy Shop, Junkyard Hipocrisy! She sells earrings & accessories & stick stuff like that. Buy things!
 *it's steve brule!!!!!*
*look at this cute ass collar aww*

I just finished watching season 2 of Misfits! I started misfits last year and wasn't in to it that much so I left it for a while, then I came back to it last week and watched like a season and a half ;) It's sooooo good, the plot is excellent, the dialogue quick and rude but hilarious, and you basically hate all the characters but love them at the same time. It's super offensive, but it's amazing. also I think I've grown to appreciate tacky orange prison jumpsuits. This is my favourite thing that happened in season 1. Nathan is a total asshole but he's also the best.
I've been listening to this kickass band called Perfect Pussy (well actually like 2 songs, but I've listened to them a lot). I read about them in exclaim magazine at the spill last week, and I actually looked them up! I'm so proud of myself!

I'm playing at the spill AGAIN this week and also next week which is fun. Lots of spill shows and most likely a house show this week, which will be fuuuuun

ALSO listen to my band on Trent Radio this friday at 3pm EST! We're playing a few acoustic songs and talking and stuff! fun fun fun!

see you soon!

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  1. Hey jordana bevan you're the raddest baddest babe in the universe and I love your skates :) hope you have a great show at the spill! <333333333