Monday, March 24, 2014

I dreamt we gave in to the pulse

shirt//found in my house
skirt//field hockey skirt
shoes//doc martens


I'm so pleased! it's such a good colour, in most light it looks incredibly blue, and in others it looks very green. I bleached it and dyed it myself and I feel fab. My sears play didn't go on, so I dyed it on Saturday.

On friday ma band played a show at The Hideout in Toronto and to tell the truth it was kind of shit. The woman organizing the festival didn't advertise it at all, so basically it was our parents & relatives in the audience. But it was cool because after that we went to a super expensive french restaurant and then wandered around Toronto just the three of us and bought Macarons at a grocery store on queen street (which, by the way are overrated). Well, that part was pretty fun. anyway.
some outfits of me when I was really stressed about my sears play...
sweater//old navy
socks//picasso socks
had//mum made

shorts//thrifted & diy'ed
tights//joe fresh
Recently I scored some sweet shit! above are the large green suitcase I scored, the docs I got for like $15, old man shoes that are MADE IN ENGLAND, and white canvas ked-style shoes I'm going to paint on.
Last weekend I went to Toronto & picked up some pretty sweet shit. I got the new Tacocat album (which I was really surprised & excited to find at Sonic Boom!) and a single by the band The BB Guns from Toronto (I love them so much ugh... they're friends of my favourite ptbo band Bad Teen & we're trying to set up a show this summer!). I also got this killer Buzzcocks shirt at Black Market (my mum bought it for me hallelujah). Also pictured are some cosmetics I got while shopping for hair bleach at Sally's Beauty, they're cheapo Sally Girl mini makeups, but hey, they work & they're cheap! I was really disappointed though, I bought what I *thought* was a blue lipstick & it was just temperature reactant lipstick... so it turned pink *cries* oh well, it's a good colour!
Here are some sick ass sassy girls I drew on march break with magic markers.

Tonight I played a really hardcore show for Ratbaby's Birthday, and it was a blast - they played a kickin' set on their banjo, also Sean Conway & Hello Babies (FRICK) played and it was just all around a good time. It made me feel 100% better about band things, since I was kinda weary about musicianship after our shitty show on friday, but now I feel g r e a t
also here's another photo of me & my hair... I had the flu on sunday but didn't want to take a real photo of my hair because I felt like shit so here is this.

FRICK I literally cannot listen to this song enough times, Royal Canoe are amazing.


  1. you hair looks so good blue! ah you kick ass grrl

  2. your hair looks insanely good and I love all of this stuff you got! those docs were such a great find. xx

    1. yeeeah, it was a great time findin them docs ;) thank you so much! :)

  3. I love this post and your hair looks mighty bitchin'! I'm in the middle of a theatre competition right now so I totally 100% understand the stress you were feeling about your sears play!

    1. ahh thanks so much tessa! competitive plays are so stressful ugh :P

  4. Your hair is killer! looove all your outfits omg can i just live in your closet please? Sorry you were sick but glad you're feeling better now!!