Wednesday, March 12, 2014

as it's getting later

{on the way in to Cobourg we passed a subdivision called viceroy and immediately I got this song stuck in my head}

On Monday my mum drove me up to Port Hope to hang out with my friend Zoë! We made a thrift stop in Cobourg, and she bought be a bunch of cheap and rad clothes which was great. One of the stores we went to was an Animal Shelter Charity Shop and they had a cat. His name is Louie and he's the cutest. I love cats so much but I'm incredibly allergic to them, which is one of the biggest struggles in my life.
{everything I'm wearing is thrifted except for my shoes//converse, and tights//ardenes}

A mirror selfie - I was feelin' ultra cute that day. I got a sweet shirt made for 12 year old boys with lizards all over it, that pink shirt, some black high waisted jeans to cut off in to shorts, and some purple desert boots. Cobourg has a thriving thrift market.
My mum is starting a vintage trailer shop with her friend Catherine, so every time we go to a thrift store my mum ravages the housewares - she always buys copious amounts of glasses, tablecloths, cutlery, dishes, etc. It's pretty cool, except for my basement and sewing area is clogged with vintage crap. Ehh, it's ok. It's definitely cool.
Zoë and I first went on a Port Hope adventure - we went to the health food store and bought an excessive amount of candy, and just toured around the town. Port Hope is adorable, and is home to one of my favourite thrift stores. Also can I just say that Zoë is basically the cutest? her hair is babelicious and I am so envious of her boots. She's a wonderful gal.
 We ate a bunch of crap & coloured & watched the Tyra banks show. We have an excellent friendship.
The next day we basically went straight to my Friend Ryan's house (he's on the right in the last photo). We were planning on watching Drive (to continue our Ryan Gosling movie marathon), but kinda just ended up having some bonding time and talking about hot babes and relationships and eating and having cuddle puddles. I have great friends.

On another note, my band has our first house show this weekend! We've always played in public venues, so this will be a really different environment and I'm really excited! In my head I'm kind of imagining it like the house show in Whip It *crosses fingers* but in any case it'll be fun! We're playing with Hello Babies and Hush Money, and probably some other bands. All the proceeds are going to the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, which is fantastic.

see yeh.


  1. this looks so fun gaah you guys are cool. and you're in a band. so much love for you ( and ryan gosling. who doesn't like ryan gosling) xxo


    2. aww thanks, you're so sweet!! and your blog is the cutest, I followed :)

  2. Oh my gosh you are so cute! I love your (almost all) thrifted outfit! DUDE TYRA BANKS WENT TO MY HIGHSCHOOL WE HAVE HER PICTURE UP IN THE HALL SHE IS MY LIFE & INSPIRATION. Awesome pictures as usual! ♡♡♡♡ Love hearing about your adventures!

    1. No way that is so coooool!!! aww thanks babe :)