Thursday, March 13, 2014

cats & desert boots & dresses & a band I like

sweater//H&M kids section
blazer//vintage private school
tights//value village
desert boots//thrifted

Today I kind of just stayed home all day. I did some room re-arranging, moved my bass amp upstairs, re-vamped my closet, moved a bunch of old things I don't really use anymore out of my room, the works. I'm feeling pretty good about my current room state. There are still a few more things I need to move/vacuum/alter, but overall I'm pretty satisfied!

I'm really dreading returning to school, so I'm putting off all of my schoolwork until sunday night. I've had such a nice vacation and have been so productive. I've been blogging & playing music & rearranging my room & making clothes & hanging out with my friends guilt free. Fuck School.
I got this gorgeous eyeliner for my birthday! It's soooo smooth and easy to use and so bold and makes gorgeous clean lines. I'm in love.
I actually played bass today, and for a few hours straight! I don't usually practice bass, but sine I've moved it up to my room instead of having it in the basement with all the instruments, I think (hope) I'll be more inclined to practice. It's actually the most beautiful instrument I've ever played & I love it so much! Recently a photo I posted of it on tumblr got over 70 notes! I'm so proud :)
(x, x)
(x, x)
 (x, x)
For Christmas, I got a ModCloth Gift certificate to buy a dress (along with a cute pair of tights!). I haven't yet used it, but here are a few of my favourites. I'm really pining over the one in the middle on the right (check out the pattern!)(it has pockets!)(it's so dreamy...) but sadly it's out of stock & I'm not sure how badly I want it. I guess I'll wait a little while, and if I still want it I guess I'll request it or something. It's just so cute, it looks like it'd be so comfy in the summer!
Tonight, I'm going to see one of my favourite local bands The Faux Cults at The Spill! Have a listen :) this is their Demo, they are recording right now and they're going to be putting out a tape/EP soon! They're a blast to see live, they've got a great surf punk sound and super catchy riffs and fantastic energy and they're a lot of fun live.

Have a sick weekend.


  1. woo hoo, my cat skirt! i showed it on my blog too a while ago :PP and modcloth dresses are a vintage dream, they're just so beautiful!

    1. cat skirt twins! :) ughh I know, I love modcloth so much I just want them allllllll

  2. Outfit + Eyeliner game is on point ♡ I'm so jealous of that skirt it's adorable!! And I love all those dresses oh my gosh!

  3. Your bass is yum looking. Your room and yourself also look fab :)