Sunday, March 09, 2014

After 5+ months of silence, here I return (sort of).

All I can say is that I kinda sorta maybe lost interest in blogging/knew no one wanted to hear my school rants, and that was all I really had going for me once I started grade 10. Now I'm one month in to semester 2 and I can say I'm a lot more cynical than I was 5 months ago. Hopefully these posts may be more interesting or at least I will enjoy writing them, as I've now chosen to ignore that school exists. I'm done with dumb drama and other high school crap. OK. That is all.

So, here I am! What is new?
(a life update, along with some film photos)
*A lot of my friends/my ambitions/my opinions have changed. My outlook on teenager-dom has changed a bunch. I've started become more apathetic while become somewhat less? I've matured a bit, I think, and have ended up parting ways some friends I just wasn't connecting with, and have gained some new ones. In any case, I feel much happier with the way things are going in my social life right now!
*I've become a lot more committed to doing things with my band. We played our first show at a local (real)(amazing)(dive) bar in November and my entire outlook on life changed during the course of one 40 minute set. Now all I want to do is move to Montreal with my bandmates after high school, spend my money on gear, and play shows! We're recording right now (!!!) and the album/EP thing should be out on our bandcamp at some point, probably in May, and we're playing our very first show in the big TO in a few weeks. Band stuff keeps me really excited and helps me pretend I don't actually have a chemistry lab due on monday.
 *I've discovered the (real) Peterborough Music Scene and can't get enough of it (the above picture is actually from when I went to see Arctic Monkeys but shhhh it's a picture of a show I was at). Some of my new favourite bands (who also happen to be local):

The Faux Cults
Bad (ex?!) Teen Ensemble
Watershed Hour
Bumpin Tacos

I've also become... I'm tentative to say 'friends'... but good acquaintances with lots of the cool people in these cool bands. They're all just such cool people and I've got huge friend crushes on like everyone in them. Also with lots of people involved in our recording project. Every time I think about the music scene here I just get this warm fuzzy feeling.
*My style has changed a lot as well! I say this but that might actually not be true. I feel pretty different from when I started this blog, and I think the vibes I'm putting off through my style have also changed a lot too. I changed my hair, I'm growing it out (a bit) and am planning on dying it green this month (after the play I'm in is over). I wear my stolen skirt at least once a week and wear patterns with patterns. I guess I'm trying to give off more of a 'don't give a fuck' vibe, but also 'I do give a fuck so don't fuck with me'. Yay.
 *I never have any energy during the week, so I spend a shit ton of time on tumblr. you can check out my blog, sometimes I post selfies on days I'm feeling fly, but most of it is just cool photos/inspiration(?) and lots of bands. cool.
 *Recently (like yesterday, hah) I've gotten in to making things/the idea of making things. I hate money so much (so much) and getting a job is unexpectedly hard. But more than that, wearing/using things that you've made is one of the coooolest feelings on the planet. Tapes, dresses, patches, etc. It's all fun. Last night I just started knitting a headband, so we'll see how that goes.
*My commitment to blogging...
I'm just not going to blog when I feel like I should, and more of when I want to blog about an outfit/talk about a certain thing/have gone on an adventure and want to share photos. My posting is going to be 100% more sporadic and 98% not about school.

I hope you stick around, that would be fun.


  1. so glad you're back, love these photos and the music scene you've described sounds so cool, i wish i could be in with cool local bands too. 'I do give a fuck so don't fuck with me' describes me perfectly

  2. yay, you're back! cool photos! i'm waiting for more posts <3

    1. I'm so glad I'm back, I've missed you!! :)

  3. I just found your blog and I love it! i'm glad things are turning out well for you xxox

  4. such cute photos, thats so cool that your band got to play live <3

  5. Aw yay so glad you've posted again! Gorgeous photos. Man i've re-invented myself like a billion times- it's fun right? Well your blog is lookin fly and I love your band soooo much and I can't wait to see more posts :+)