Saturday, August 10, 2013

everybody knows you're from montreal!!!

Hi friends! Here are my adventures in Montreal! Surprisingly I didn't take many pictures (I'm a bit shy of wielding my massive camera in public) but here are some of my favourites!
First off I just wanted to say my mum is a great travelling partner! haha she's a blast and also bought me lots of gelato and the Rookie Yearbook.
This was a piano on a cobble stone street that was open for the public to play, it was so neat!
a cute little park I ate a chocolate croissant in...
the sights of rue st. catherine... ahh the gay village has the best window displays! that is a glasses store!
we went to this unbelievable noodle place (called nudo) for lunch, where the guy made the noodles RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR BLOODY FACE! it was amazing!
this was a terrific thrift store we found by chance called Eva B, see the michael jackson dropping a baby out of the window? yep. when you walk in they offered you complimentary home made lemonade & free popcorn. then, the first floor is your standard (and absolutely packed!) thrift store, the second floor was (affordable!) and rockin' vintage, and in a room just off the main floor of thrift was the pile of clothes (asdfghjkl). you literally just took your shoes off and jumped right in! It was about 5 or 6 feet tall, and took up about an entire room. the best part? anything you find in that pile is $1. It was thrifting heaven <3
montreal is simply crawling with bicycles! I would have loved to have brought mine but the traffic was terrifying enough without having to worry about being on a bike. they had one of these bixi stands every block or so. you can rent one wherever you are and then basically return it wherever there is another bixi stand! augh but not to mention the adorable road bikes everyone had, it was killing me!
last summer when I was in Halifax we stopped at this amazing candy store called Freak Lunchbox and I screamed when we saw one in montreal! they just have the wildest selection of candy, and such amazing decorations and it's just what a candy store needs to be.
if you have never tasted a montreal bagel you have been deprived. they are sweet and salty and covered in sesame seeds and chewy and baked right in front of your bloody eyes. we got 3 dozen to take home with us, so now my freezer consists of only bagels!
my mum found the raddest place ever for us to stay! it was right in the middle of everything that was happening, it was super affordable, AND IT WAS ADORABLE! It was called Gite du Plateau Mont-Royal (the plateau was where we were hanging out, that's where it's ALL happening!), and it was a hostel and it was literally the best hotel-type experience I've ever had!
here are a couple of cute asian candies we picked up after our nudo lunch :)
this is what the hostel looked like from the outside, they also had a rooftop terrace with all sorts of plants growing on the edge, see at the top of the building on the right? it was awesome!
just before we left montreal we stopped in at this place called the little shoppe. it is indeed quite small but holy CRAP it is just stuffed to the brim with vintage! at this point we only had $4 between the two of us, so we couldn't afford anything but literally every space in this house was utilized. there were even fur coats hanging on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom and candles in the kitchen sinks! it was slightly overwhelming but definitely in the best way possible!
montreal is such a busy city with so much happening and I would just jump at a chance to go back! it was SO much fun and we did SO much more than these pictures show, ahh it was a blast :)
on the way home we got caught in nasty traffic, but the sky was phenomenal. I love clouds.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my adventures in my montreal! have you ever been?

*sobs* so many attractive hipsters on road bikes

did you know arcade fire is from montreal? I'm really excited to hear their new album, coming out on october 29th!


  1. pretty pictures <3 montreal looks like a really fun place, I've never been! they had those public pianos that anyone could play in new york city too! Sometimes I wonder how fashion bloggers feel comfortable with their huge cameras out and about, I always feel soo awkward.

  2. Great photos! That thrift store does sound like heaven omg

  3. Montreal looks so cool! I love everything in this post!! I think the first photo of you is my favorite. You are such a QT!! ♥♥♥ Wow those sound like rad shops!! Attractive hipsters on bikes make me sob too :)

    1. aww thanks masie! :D we should go there together next time!

  4. Born and raised in Montreal. I've been gone for 31 years now though but visited last three years ago. It is a beautiful place. Had to show my husband your bagel photo. I think it made him drool a bit. ;)