Friday, July 19, 2013

unbearable, really

It has been SO bloody hot this week it has been difficult to move without breaking out in a sweat. I've been wearing minimal clothes and watching Freaks and Geeks to avoid physical activity. I have to practice dance at some point and I think I might end up drowning in my own sweat (pleasant, no?) I slept in the basement last night to keep cool and somehow I was too cold (?) There is no happy medium!
(photo by Jemma)
In other news, it is the Jemma's birthday today! Incase you didn't know, Jemma (here and here) is the raddest kid on the block, & she's turning the ripe old age of 13 today. We (me, Jemma & Anwyn) went out for sushi and then hung out listening to her birthday tape (above) and drawing girls with rainbow coloured hair and bearded hipsters. It was such a great birthday party!

In other news, I finally found new blank tapes! I'm super excited to fill them up when the weather cools down (my room is too hot! sobs :P). I also got a new bed, so (once again!) when it's not so deathly hot I'll take some room photos!

How's your summer going so far?

I listened to this album at like 12:30 last night and it's basically the best. probably my favourite album of all time.

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  1. aww i love your outfit! So rad! man its really hot here too. i'm melting. feels like we should go swimming in icecream. .~( ̄▽ ̄~) that is the only way to cool down. I QUOTE FREAKS AND GEEKS ALMOST EVERYDAY WOW AWESOME SHOW. Happy Birthday Jemma!