Thursday, July 25, 2013

crawlin' back to you

 I have been kind of at a loss of what to do for the past week or so. I guess I am just overwhelmed at all the time I have to do things, and how little I have to do. Is that underwhelmed? oh well. I think I have found lots of things to do now, like making things, taking photos and fixing old clothes!
on monday I ventured out of my lair and went to my favourite thrift shop! I scored 5 or 6 tapes, a couple of singles, a birthday present for Anwyn and a flowery skort! that skort has quickly become one of my favourite items of clothing for the summer, it's so comfy!
 my mum found one of my old sketchbooks (from when I was 7 or 8?). I thought some of the drawings were super bizarre but kind of neat! I took pictures of some of my favourites, so I can recycle the sketchbook without feeling too guilty. I have way too much stuff I'm too attached boxed up in my attic!
here are some photos of my room! it was mildly tidy so I took advantage of that and took some pretty boring photos, but I think they describe my room decently enough!
here you can kind of see the back corner of my room, where my bed is. I was using watercolors to make a hand print in my 'wreck this journal', and I thought this looked pretty cool.
(from somewhere on tumblr)
(also from somewhere on tumblr)
(frances and I at halloween, as scott and ramona! also Jemma was knives and anwyn was stephen stills!)

I have been really really in to scott pilgrim recently! I don't even know why in particular, except for it is seriously one of the best movies ever and definitely the best graphic novel. ever. Everything about it is just so lovely! I love that it is set in toronto and I LOVE Sex-Bob-Omb and Ramona's hair and the whitty dialogue and everything! It's all good! Here's a new Sex Bob-Omb song I found that I am in love with:

 my mum and I are going to montreal next week (YEAH BAGELS) and I have a gig on monday! it's going to be fun!

what are you obsessed with right now?


  1. Your room is really cool, I wish my room was half as awesome!

    1. Haha, thank you! I'm sure your room is terrific!

  2. ohh i know this feeling, i have to get used to having so much free time in summer ^^'
    scott pilgrim! i love it! although the movie could be better, but comics are awesome~

    1. Yes, I agree! The comics are much better than the movie, but I enjoy both :)

  3. I highly approve of the Scott Pilgrim-ness of this post! :D
    Delightful handprint and outfit also!

  4. Your old drawings are so cute! My mom refuses to throw out any of my childhood art, it's a bit ridiculous haha! Love your outfit as well, you have great style! xx

  5. yes yes yes scott pilgrim ftw i love all your art + your super cool outfit + mix tapes! i love everything about this post actually. Right now I am SO obsessed with Destiel- this ship will never sink!