Friday, June 14, 2013

Shakespearian Babe

 what I'm wearing
kilt // found in my basement
tights // joe fresh
button // also found in basement
It's shakespeare week! Hellz to the yeah! Well probably not for the rest of the world, but I've been living in shakespeare mode. Our midsummer night's dream performance is next wednesday and I'm freaking out. In our play, I'm Hermia. And my ole pals over in costumes and makeup have decided Hermia is a preppy white girl (y'know. galaxy leggings starbucks iPhone lace shirts). I guess it'll help me get in to character, and it will certainly take the edge off the shakespearian-ness of it all.

I recently discovered this lovely blog and um. I kind of love it. A lot.
And this one.

I also realized that I never post anything super inspiring or interesting, just a lot of mumbo jumbo about some shitty boring stuff that happens in my uneventful life. I never post anything that will alter the entire fate of the blogosphere (wait, what shape is the internet?), and I will hopefully change this. I'll try.


*ps. also thank you for 21 bloody followers! I am honoured. You're all the best :)
Okay so I've been listening to both of these songs religiously this week. 1-) Evangeline Gentle deserves all your love so go love her, 2-) This song literally makes me just want to jump up and down and shake my head and scream and it's great.


  1. this shakespeare badge is AWESOME! and your outfit reminds me of a school uniform ^^
    good luck in your performance! i wish i could see it~

  2. i love your plaid skirt!!!

  3. I love your outfit and your hair! Shakespeare is awesome <3

    1. Why thank you! I love your hair by the way! :D

  4. Shakespearrrrrrrrrre! I love your badge and my records are my children too


  5. I love your outfit in this so much, and the badge is too cool! Good luck in the performance!


  6. Aw your homemade posters are adorable!!! That outfit is 100% BITCHIN' Hermia is so totally a white preppy school girl. Also your posts are always interesting hon! Everything you post is the bomb!!

    1. Aww man, thank you so much! That really means a lot to me ;)