Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's all over now

 what I'm wearing
overalls // thrifted
save pcvs t-shirt // home-made
shoes // found somewhere
headband // protest blindfold

If you want to get technical, today was my very last day of grade 9. aww. look at that.
It's weird though, I hated grade 9 but it was so much fun! It was over in a flash but I met the best people ever and in the end I think I had a great year. In the last outfit of grade 9 I thought I had to include my disdain for my school by wearing all my PCVS stuff. Frances and I skipped math this morning which was awesome, except apparently today was the day my math teacher brought in donuts and let us watch a movie *sobs silently*. I still have exams which is nasty, but hey I only have 2 and the only one I have to study for is science :P
Me and Frances backstage at midsummer night's dream, in our costumes and makeup (it was modernized!). I'm playing Hermia and she's playing Titania. We did our play on Wednesday night and it went so well, and I'm so proud of our class it was so great. But I'm so exhausted! Being a pouty babe takes a lot of effort. Also I'm hoping someone got a picture of that stage kiss.

Also I fell in love with the blog Pixie Cropped, as it is full of cute girls with great hair cuts and now so is my blog so yay.

Hope you are all doing better than I am in my sleep-deprived state.
Hopefully things will calm down after that and I'll post something more than a crappy outfit :)


oh my god the studio version is perfect and I simply cannot deal with it.


  1. greeaaaat, overalls are great <3
    i followed your tumblr ^^

    1. aww thanks! xD I followed you back! There's this weird stuff with the tumblr I actually use being my second blog so the blog that was actually me that followed you was called heckyesbeatles ;)

  2. love your overalls and good luck with your exams and omg is that Roger up there with the dog??????????!! love


    1. haha yeah that's roger! ahhh I made that dorky poster with my friend anwyn last year: it says "I ruff being friends with you roger daltrey".... it was just silly ;)

  3. good luck with your exams! and super cute overalls!!

  4. Damn you are such a super cute babe i can hardly stand it (◕‿◠✿) Hey is that rose tyler? IM DYING OVER THE NEW ARTIC MONKEY STUFF AHH! Yay congrats on no more ninth grade!

    1. Haha yeah that's rose! I forgot that was her internet name for a second there and I was like 'wait.... where?' ;) Aww shucks, thanks babe, you're pretty cute too :) Thank you! :D