Friday, May 10, 2013

∆ SWAG ∆

I'm sorry about the awful webcam photography - I just though you needed to see the ultimate and fabulous swag that was my pizza pizza delivery snap back today. It is actually my brother Will's and I am ever grateful to him for lending it to me.

And also I realize this looks like the only sweater I own - I swear to you on my life that it is not. I have an obscenely large collection of sweaters. This just happens to be the one I end up wearing a lot ...?

Happy weekend everyone! Sleep <3

This is the music video of my childhood.


  1. i like how the warm sweater goes with shorts!
    cool cap!

    [my weirdoland -]

    1. oh, and i nominated you for versatile blogger award! it's on my blog ^^

  2. You are the definition of Swag. PIZZA FTW

  3. sweaters are the best things.

    plus also, your blog is super adorable!!