Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I found this gorgeous dress at a garage sale on saturday for $10! I saw it, and saw that it was $10, and at first decided it was too much. I went back to see it 3 times so I finally decided that even if I didn't wear it, it was perfect anyway. AND it fits me like a glove! It makes me feel like Andie in Pretty in Pink.

Today my art class went to go see an absolutely amazing movie called Picture Day at the TIFF light box. It has now become one of my favourite movies. I love all of the Toronto-ness and all the bands and Lee's Palace and Claire and Henry and it's just so great. I loved it and I really really recommend seeing it, I believe it is available to buy on iTunes. It is seriously worth buying.
In other news I am ill and have had a headache since monday which sucks, but I'll get through it. Also the weather is nasty. But I am in a bit of a good mood so that is okay.
What is your favourite film?

sorry for the video overload, I am in a 'sit at home and watch videos' kind of mood today :)


  1. oh no this dress is too pretty!! why don't we have garage sales in my country T^T
    can't wait to see you in that dress!

    [btw, new flowery post in my weirdoland - www.pigeongray.blogspot.com]

    1. whaaaaat? Come to Canada and I shall garage sale culture you!! :)
      haha yes! I'll have photos of it up (with an actual person in it) asap! :D

  2. Oh my god this dress is so darling! It is absolutely perfect. You're going to look like such a sweetie in it! I loooove pretty in pink. When my mom was in high school after Pretty in Pink came out, she cut her hair like Molly Ringwald and wore pink to her prom. Pretty funny. I loved seeing the picture day trailer! Looks really interesting, and now i'm dyyyying to see it!

    1. asdfghjkl thanks babe ;) That is so cool! Molly Ringwald is the bomb.
      Ahh picture day was terrific we shall watch it together when we eventually meet.
      We should make a list of everything we are planning on doing when we meet eventually! It'll probably have to be a month long sleepover ;)