Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Very Productive Math Class

Today in math class I was not interested in doing homework so I started by drawing a person and this is what it spiraled in to this. So, that got me thinking that summer break should really, y'know, shake a tail feather and get me out of school so I no longer have to squander my time drawing scatter plots and lines of best fit. 

Well I will try and contain my school ranting to this one post, or at least to a bare minimum of posts. I know most people want to come home and not hear about school, so this is it! of course unless something cool happens at school. y'know. once in a blue moon.
In other news, here is a photo I took several weeks ago of my gorgeous ModCloth bathingsuit with my ukulele, vans, and a mixtape I made of songs that have the word 'sun' in the title on the A side (and summer words on the B side). Red is just such a great colour.


This is my jam this week.

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