Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tie-Dye Shorts

Joe Fresh sweater//vintage collared shirt//buttons from Toronto//Old Navy Shorts made by me//obscenely cheap shoes

I'm super pleased with how these shorts came out! I found a pair of 100% cotton shorts for the absurd price of $2 on the Old Navy sale rack. I was planning on wearing these shorts on Saturday when I went in to Toronto for Record Store Day but for some reason it was cold and even snowed a bit. C'mon, it's April! Give us a break!
I got these shoes at a closing Zellers store last spring for something like a dollar, and they broke the first time I wore them. I was sad, and then I realized that I had spent less than a dollar on them and promptly fixed them with duct tape.

I hope everyone (if there is anyone... hello? is anyone out there?) is having a fabulous week!

I will try my best to match the music to the post/mood/outfit... so I guess Tame Impala kind of reminds me of Tie Dye? :)


  1. $1 on a pair of shoes is a ridiculous price! I really like your color combo with the sweater and top too. (:

  2. Wow, why can't I find shoes for a dollar?! Love the shorts!