Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stickers & Socks

I was away all weekend at my grandparents' (climbing trees & battling my siblings with foam swords), and we made a semi-traditional trip to the oh-so-fabulous dollar store. I picked up these hilarious and actually quite cool semi-transparent striped socks, and these sheets of stickers (I was running out, and I use them for my snail mail. plus who doesn't want a massive sheet of cat stickers?!)
thrifted sweater, collared shirt & bag//joe fresh pants//thrifted & customized converse

My band was nominated for this thing called a Wire Award, so we went to the awards ceremony! We didn't win but I had a fun time attempting to 'dress up', haha! I would say the highlight of my evening was seeing this crazy punk band called Bumpin' Tacos. They were pretty darn cool.

Anyway, here is some swell music for the gorgeous weather! I wore shorts today!



  1. Those socks! Oh my! Wonderful
    And congratzies for your band's award nomination!

  2. I bet you love cat! Since I love cats, I have my collections for every stuffs and one of those is the cat stickers.