Monday, March 02, 2015

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Review

Hey hey! So I've never done a review before, but I recently ordered some Lippie Stix from ColourPop and I love 'em so I thought I'd post about them here! (me & augusta were wearing these colours in my last post)

I heard about ColourPop through a tumblr post on my dashboard, and I've been looking for colourful lipsticks for sooo long. I bought them the same day because when I saw that they were only $5 each I was like, duh. I ordered two colours, Leather (matte dark purple) and Bunny (shimmery dark green)
They come in a shiny white tube with holographic text on the side, with a coloured end according to the product.
You can also purchase matching lipliners for each and every lipstick, but I skipped that b/c I'm cheap as heck. (also please ignore my awful lipstick application skills)
{left//leather, right//bunny}
Bunny is a medusa green shimmery colour that applies very opaquely. You do have to build up the colour a bit, but I find that I have to apply a couple layers of most lipsticks anyway so whatevs. It's a really nice dark green that's actually surprisingly flattering.
Leather is a straight up plum purple, it's very matte and spreads very nicely. The texture is very smooth to apply and the colour lasts very well. It's a nice alternate to the garnet lip-colour that was really popular in the fall, sort of a more spring/summer twist perhaps? I like it a lot.


Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the lip colours. I like them a lot and had a hard time finding affordable colourful lipsticks so I thought I'd share them with ya! Just a note for Canadian buyers such as myself: shipping to Canada is decent, but the exchange rate is garbage right now, and all prices are in USD. Maybe hold off until the dollar goes up again? We ended up spending $10 extra than we had anticipated.

anyway yep! definitely recommend!
(this post was not in any way sponsored, the views expressed are my own opinions etc etc!)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

basement babes

my band took some fun new press pics for some upcoming festivals we're playing last night. It was a party of weird lipsticks and dad sweaters, fun time overall, listening to nick ferrio's secret new album and our split 7" with Army Girls from Long Winter!

we recently released an ep/cassette dealio called splenda thief if ya wanna take a listen

basically all I do these days is obsess over my own band and do nothing!!!! maybe I will do more fun things one day soon and talk about it to you. cool.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

travel bug

I've been reading peoples blogs who live in different countries, and watching documentaries and videos about touring bands... and I just wanna go on tour again!! travel in a van! smell like a van! listen to tunes in a van! get lost on the east coast!! Lucky me, I *believe* we're being flown to St. Johns Newfoundland to play Lawnya Vawnya in April... ahhhh!!! EAST COAST
I guess I'm pretty lucky though, I do get to travel quite a bit for shows. Last night we drove in to Toronto to play at the Dakota Tavern with Kelly McMichael and The Gloss at their residency (she plays every wednesday in january). We drove down with their drummer Emmott, and packed a drum kit, our huge amps and our instruments into a Subaru Station wagon. It was awesome. Augusta wore a denim jacket even though it was minus 10 and I copied her because I thought that was cool but in reality it was actually dumb and we were cold.
I also don't really think I like taking outfit photos? maybe that's just not my cup of tea and that's cool. I like clothing, I like fun makeup stuff and stuff and stuff but I don't think I'm cut out for the fashion blogger life. honestly I think I'm a selfie in a mirror kinda gal. This may be the last dum outfit for a while folks!
aaaand because I felt so uncomfortable taking outfit pictures I just had a Jale dance party alone in my room and took pictures of it. now you have awful pictures of me dancing on the internet.

I've been chillin in my room a lot lately, and I kinda wanted to get some pictures of it out there...?
Some christmas! I got Rookie Yearbook 3 and Breakfast of Champions from my Ma and Pa, a rad zine about Working Women from my friend Candice, an adorable Lucky Jackson notebook from Augusta, and I Am Malala from my Aunt Pam (I'm probably going to cry the entire time I read it, such an amazing girl).

I certainly got a lot of other thangs, some records, some PJs and some clothes (including that sick Devo shirt I'm wearing), lots of good movies (including We Are the Best!! )some bunting, a rotary telephone in my stocking, candy, etc etc. good christmas stuff. I'm just trying to get back in to reading after being so put off by English Class. I'm currently also reading the Virgin Suicides and loving it!
I've also already completed one of my 'new years revolutions'... I bought a Danelectro! I paid $200 bucks and I bought it from my friend Luca (in Faux Cults) and it's the best thing. I'm in love :) I think I am going to name her Francine. That is all.

Also I've been thinking about it, and I wanna start posting more about music? just new bands I find, mainly young women in music/small bands, music festivals, music travelling? I feel like that's what I'm vibing about right now. what do you think? :)